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Yoga Tools for Schools Launch Weekend

Townsville, Queensland, May 2012


Oz jo and jaz b.jpg

Jasmine Healy Pagan, Founder and Director of Yoga Tools for Schools with guest speaker/trainer, Joanne Spence, Executive Director and Founder, Yoga in Schools


Oz jo teaching b.jpg

Teacher Wellness Workshop with Joanne Spence at Belgium Gardens Primary School


Oz teacher break b.jpg

Happy teachers on a break at Teacher Wellness Workshop 


Oz Kerry b.jpg

Kerry Spina of Kid's Harmony enjoying a laugh with fellow teacher


Oz YTFS Team b.jpg

Yoga Tools for Schools Committee Members



China 2011


China 3, 2011 069 b.jpg

China 3, 2011 001 b.jpg

The transportation of choice.......

China 3, 2011 012 b.jpg

Administrators at Concordia International playing "The Plate" game

China 3, 2011 017 b.jpg

Even in China!

China 11 114 b.jpg

Partner Poses in the gym at Concordia International School, Shanghai

China 11 113 b.jpg


Pictures will be added check back soon.


Pictures will be added check back soon.